Is the work on your web site for sale? Who should I contact about purchasing a print?

Most of the work on this web site is available for purchase in one or more editioned sizes. Alec is represented by several galleries and therefore does not sell his work directly. For gallery information, see the gallery section of the Contact Page.

Does Alec do commercial / editorial work?

Yes, Alec does a variety of assignment work. He is represented by Magnum Photos. For information on Magnum, see the Magnum section of the Contact Page.

How do I obtain permission to use images on this website?

Please send an email to Alec’s studio manager, Ethan Jones: ethan@alecsoth.com.

Does Alec give lectures on his work? How do I invite Alec to speak at our institution?

Yes, Alec is available to give lectures on his work in a variety of situations from classrooms to auditoriums. He has also given talks at bookstores, conferences and art fairs in conjunction with his book release. Please contact his studio manager Ethan Jones with dates and details: ethan@alecsoth.com.

Is Alec available for portrait commissions? How do I inquire about hiring him?

Yes, Alec occasionally does portrait commissions. For more information contact Alec’s studio manager: ethan@alecsoth.com.